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Conversation with Katherine

A Gift From The Journey

Create Conversations About Life

I have been given an opportunity to explore different lifestyles, cultures, and perspectives. I consider those experiences to be a gift of life and a privilege, and I want to share those experiences through my podcasts.

The bridge builders of my life allowed me to see my strengths through their eyes during my challenging times. In my winter season, I realized that giving back to others is one of the most important contributions to humanity. Sharing my experiences allows me to provide a perspective about moving through life challenges and transcending circumstances, where the gift of perspective and wisdom awaits. 

I hope that through my podcasts, I’ll be able to give fresh perspectives about life through my experiences and that of my guests.

Mission Statement

My mission is to provide a platform where people can have a conversation with each other about their lives. It is my hope that my podcasts will lead individuals to different doors in order to discover aspects of their lives. Creating a dialogue, will allow for new ideas and change the direction of their lives.  

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