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Choosing Your Life Path and Direction

Books of My Journey

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A Gift from the Journey

This book is from the musings in my personal reflective blog. It is my hope that the reader might find one aspect of my musings helpful in their lives.

In life, we can feel that we are alone in our experiences. In my experience, there is always someone that may have had a similar journey. The sense of isolation is lifted when we know that we are not the only one on any given path.

In my musings, I am struck by how many similar themes have happened in my life. Others have also shared some of those experiences/themes in their lives. I am grateful for the many paths on my journey and I hope that you will enjoy accompanying me on my journey.

Adventures of Tiger and Her Friends, Embracing Differences

This is a special story for me because it is the story of my own very special Tiger, embracing the differences that we share can give us a new understanding of the global human community that we all share. There are many combinations of relationships each with their own special ingredient that can make life interesting.

Savoring our differences allow us to create a life that is full of rich and deep flavors. Understanding our differences allow us to connect to the humanity of others and to honor each individuals contribution for our human collective responsibility to and for each other.

Connecting the Dots: Positive Intentions, Negative Impact

In my journey through CPS (Child Protective Services), I learned a lot of lessons, which were mostly of love, pain, anger, hurt, and healing. Each lesson took me on the path of internal knowledge. Each of my steps, whether being guided by my spiritual guide, God, karma or destiny was connected and it eventually took me to the place of service and compassion.

My ego would like to think that I was in charge. But in truth, I was not. My spiritual side tells me that all of us, through the choices we make, whether good or bad, get to transcend our painful circumstances and try to find joy in that transcendence.

Books are available for purchase online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 

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